Here is a list of audio formats we have the ability to transfer:

  • Instantaneous Lacquer Disc recordings (Aluminum, Fiber, Glass substrate; Up to 20" diameter!)
  • Instantaneous Uncoated Aluminum Disc recordings
  • RCA Home Recording Disc recordings (6" & 10" Pre-Grooved)
  • Dictation Disc recordings (SoundScriber, Gray Audograph, Edison Voicewriter)
  • Pressed Disc recordings (Vinyl 33⅓  & 45 RPM, Shellac 78 RPM)
  • Grooved Belt recordings (Dictaphone Dictabelt, Walkie-Recordall Sonaband)
  • Phonograph Cylinder recordings (4" dictation cylinders)
  • ¼” Open Reel Tape recordings (full, half, quarter track; 1⅞, 3¾, 7½, 15, 30 IPS)
  • ⅛" Cassette Tape recordings (Compact, Microcassette, Mini-cassette, Philips-Norelco Cartridge)
  • ¼” Cartridge Tape recordings (8-track, RCA Sound Tape, Dictaphone Dictet, Grundig Stenorette)
  • 2" SoundScriber Tape recordings (3.75" diameter spool)
  • Magnetic Belt recordings (IBM, Gray, Dictaphone)
  • Wire recordings (2.75" & 3.75" diameter spools)
  • PCM-F1 recordings (VHS Tapes)
  • DAT recordings (digital reformatting at native bit depth & sample rate)
  • MiniDisc recordings (digital reformatting from ATRAC to PCM)
  • Audio CD optical media (ripping at native bit depth & sample rate)
  • CD/DVD Data optical media (data migration)

If you have an audio format that is not listed above, we can still help! 

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding any audio formats you have in your collection and we are happy to investigate a solution even if it is something we have not come across before.

We have the ability to handle fragile or deteriorated recordings that need special care, cleaning and/or repair.

Examples include rehousing cassette tapes in new shells, treatment for ¼” tapes suffering from binder hydrolysis (sticky shed syndrome), cleaning tapes with mold or crystalline residue, and cleaning lacquer discs with exuded plasticizer (palmitic acid deposits).

Please contact us to find out how we can provide a customized digitization solution for your audio collection.