NARA Sound Recordings Ordering Process

The following is a link to The National Archive's website that explains the process to follow for ordering sound recordings: 

NARA - How to Order Sound Recordings

We will need an electronic copy of your approved Item Approval Request List.  Please email this to us at  As soon as we receive this we will fill out a PDF order form that reflects the cost to obtain your requested recordings and email it to you for payment information.


  • $ 25.00 CD Intermediate Duplication Fee (per unique item number even if recording spans multiple audio CDs)

  • $ 40.00 ¼” Reel Intermediate Duplication Fee (per physical tape, whether or not a unique item number spans multiple tapes)

  • $ 6.50 Archival Pull Fee (per physical CD or ¼” reel borrowed from NARA)

  • $ 80.00 Round Trip Courier Fee (per order)

All orders provide you with 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV files made available for direct download.

SCOTUS Recordings 

Please note that the majority of the Supreme Court audio recordings held at NARA are now available online for free at