The Cutting Corporation, incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1971, was founded by James and Mary Cutting as an audio recording and production company.  One of the first notable projects they produced was the much beloved “Spellbinder Tapes” Series for Fisher-Price.  The Audio Preservation Lab was created in 1979 to provide unique preservation and reformatting services for institutional clients.  Over the years the company grew quickly, producing countless hours of audio programs, and preserving a variety of audio collections.  Now located in Rockville, MD, The Cutting Corporation is a full-fledged audio production facility, with it's own audiobook publishing imprint called GraphicAudio. Combined with the Audio Preservation Lab, The Cutting Corporation has been providing a wide range of audio services now for over 45 years!

Aaron Coe is The Cutting Corporation's Audio Preservation Lab.  He has been managing the lab since 2003, and handles every part of the operation personally. He has transferred tens of thousands of audio recordings that have ranged from a 1941 lacquer disc of Woody Guthrie singing Roll On Columbia (available on iTunes) to a 1965 Dictabelt of Rod Serling conceptualizing an episode of The Loner (for Ithaca College).  Over the years he has acquired an extensive knowledge of obsolete audio formats and is actively involved in learning everything he can about their history and new technologies to preserve them.