The following is a brief overview of the basic transfer process for the most commonly seen formats, and does not go into detail about our standards and practices.  The equipment referenced are typically utilized machines, but it is not a definitive list.  If you have any questions regarding the quality of our transfer procedures or the equipment we use, please feel free to contact us.

I. Playback

Grooved Disc recordings are played back on a Technics SP-15  broadcast quality direct drive variable three speed turntable equipped with a Jelco SA-750L 12" tonearm, connected to a KAB Souvenir EQS MK12 phono preamp. A variety of custom styli from Expert Stylus & Cartridge Company are used to accommodate discs of all ages and conditions.  Every disc is inspected through a 200x digital microscope prior to and after cleaning on our Loricraft PRC-3 record cleaning machine to ensure the disc is as clean as safely possible prior to playback.  Also during this examination, groove width measurements are taken to provide a basis for stylus selection during the transfer process.

¼” Open Reel tape recordings are played back on Otari MX-5050 (BIII, BQIII) broadcast quality reel-to-reel decks.  Our decks feature switchable speed/head configurations to accommodate all types of ¼” tape recordings.  The head stacks have been custom configured by JRF Magnetics for playback only, so there is no risk of accidental erasure.  We have also modified our decks by replacing their fixed tape guides with ball bearing guides to provide gentler handling of fragile tapes.  Prior to playback, we use a magnetic viewer to determine the track configuration of the tape.  This provides us with some insight about the recorded program before we even put the tape on a machine..

Compact Cassette tape recordings are played back on multi-stream transfer station consisting of six Tascam 322 broadcast quality cassette decks.  This allows us to digitize up to 12 cassettes simultaneously, saving our clients both time and cost.


II. Digitization

Analog output of the playback equipment is directly connected to the inputs of our Mytek Digital or Lynx Studio Technology analog-to-digital converters, and the digital signal is captured in linear PCM Broadcast WAV format (BWF) at 24-bit 96kHz.

III. Storage & Delivery Formats

Digital audio file formats can be provided on your preference of preservation medium.  USB hard drives (HDD) or USB flash drives (SSD) can be purchased through us or clients can supply their own.